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Building a Ball Balancing AI in Unity, Part 1

Go to Part 2 The last post touched on an example that we will now look at in greater detail. In this example, we will be building an AI that brings a dropped ball to rest at the center of a platform. To accomplish this task, the AI will apply a torque to the platform to navigate the ball towards the center. For those unfamiliar with physics terms, torque simply means a rotational force on the platform. This is part one of a two part walkthrough. This post will cover the thought process and code behind building the AI and part two will cover training the AI we create. The source code and Unity project for this example can be found in the SmartEngine Unity Example Projects on GitLab. You'll need the SmartEngine AI Library , which is free for Indie developers. Let's get started! The final, trained AI in action Here is how the scene is set up in Unity: